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European Projects

About the Lifelong Learning Programme

The Lifelong Learning Programme is a European funding programme, which supports education and training across Europe. It is made up of several different programmes covering the whole spectrum of lifelong learning.

Large Co-operation Projects

The Leonardo programme funds a number of opportunities for organisations involved in vocational education and training to develop new materials and manage European networks including Transfer of Innovation projects. The aim of these projects is to establish partnerships that are able to transfer best practice from country to another.

Project Title: Perspectives 360

This project aims to transfer the use of a 360 degree management skills assessment tool, Perspectives 360, into Greece, Slovenia, Romania, Slovakia and Ireland. It will result in the assessment of 300 SME managers and the development of the European Management Skills Benchmark Database. This project will result in new insight, understanding and acceptance of 360 degree assessment and feedback models and their use in the recognition of skills and competence.

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