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Why choose Perspectives 360?

What is Perspectives 360?

Perspectives 360 is a simple, but effective skills assessment system, which provides a snapshot picture of the skills of managers. The assessment is drawn from the National Occupational Standards for Management.

Perspectives 360 for Managers is built around the six Core Management Skills of Planning, Communication, Team-working, Leading, Personal Effectiveness and Managing People. It provides managers with an invaluable insight into how they are perceived by the people who know them best – the people with whom they work. Each of the Core Management Skills is further sub-divided into a set of Specific Skills such as Developing Others, Managing Change and Explaining Clearly.

As a result of the assessment, managers receive a detailed report on their skills, which is used as the basis of a one-to-one feedback meeting with a trained Perspectives 360 Facilitator.

How does Perspectives 360 work?

Managers complete an online self-assessment questionnaire containing 75 management behaviour statements which takes around 10 – 15 minutes. A number of respondents also assess each manager: ideally at least one manager, two peers (colleagues) and one direct report (subordinate).

All statements should be scored based on how frequently the manager is observed (or is aware of) demonstrating the behaviour. Therefore if any behaviour has not been observed, the ‘Rarely’ option should be selected. There should be no negative connotation associated with selecting ‘Rarely’ as this will be evaluated in the one-to-one feedback of the report once all questionnaires have been completed, taking into consideration who was selected to take part in the assessment process.

This process provides a complete picture of the how other people perceive the manager’s skills, which is then compared to the manager’s own perception of their skills in a Specific Skills Profile.

Are the scores confidential?

Yes. Each manager will receive a detailed eight-page report containing a Specific Skills Profile, an explanation of the assessment and a set of twenty-five suggestions on ways of improving their management skills. The Specific Skills Profile will show the self-assessment with the combined assessment of the people who also completed the questionnaire – it will not be possible to see the scores given by each of the other individuals who have completed the questionnaire.

The respondents may be chosen by the manager or by their employer but it is important that the manager is aware of who has taken part in their assessment. Whoever selects the respondents, the answers will remain confidential.

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